SPICE Camp Scholarship Request


You can use this form to provide the SPICE program with the information we need to determine the amount of scholarship for which you are eligible. We reserve the right to request confirmatory documents. Final amounts will depend on funds raised and number of campers requesting scholarships.

Each camper is expected to contribute a minimum of $50 toward the camp tuition. We will inform you of the amount of the scholarship we can provide as soon as possible. Please add spicescience@uoregon.edu to your address book to avoid our email going to the spam folder.

 Questions? Jorjie Arden (541) 346-4528

Camper Name
Number of Persons Supported by Family Income
Adjusted Gross Income for 2017 from federal tax return. If you did not file taxes, please report your net weekly family income (total of all incomes supporting the camper).
Type of Income Reported Above