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Giving to SPICE

SPICE provides one of a kind science outreach opportunities to children in Lane County through Summer Camps, public outreach events like the Fall Science Open House, the UO Science and Invention Fair, and numerous classroom visits and workshops throughout the year.  You can support the development of strong science attitudes and identities and in area children by sponsoring a child or event. 

Value for Your Gift

Your gift goes directly to the purchase of supplies and to support the SPICE instructors who develop and deliver our unique hands-on, child-centric curriculum. Supporitng SPICE instructors actually yields a double benefit by providing children with access to engaging science and training the next generation of scientists and educators in best practice for sharing science with kids and the public.  SPICE instructors are primarily UO undergraduate students studying in the STEM and education disciplines.   

SPICE Wish List

Sponsor a Science Fair Registration or Project - SPICE coordinates the UO Science and Invention Fair and provides scholarships for any child in need who wishes to enter a project in the fair.  . . . . $20 to sponsor a registration or  $20-$75 to purchase supplies for a student science project.

Sponsor a Furlough Day Event or Workshop - During school days out, SPICE provides topical workshops in cooperation with partners like the Springfield Libraries and Ophelia's Place.  Workshops are free to all children, parents and teachers who wish to attend . . . $150

Sponsor Science Fair Workshops in an area classroom - In support of the UO Science and Invention Fair, SPICE visits area classrooms and teaches students how to develop and carry out science projects.  Each participating classroom recieves four visits by a team of SPICE instructors.  Topics include the scientific method, research questions, data collection and project presentation.  SPICE instructors guide and mentor students in their project development process . . . $250 

Sponsor a Camper - The SPICE program provides scholarships to all girls (and boys) accepted into the camp who cannot affor the application and camp fees.  Your gift can support the entire cost of the two week summer camp for one child . . . . . $300

Sponsor a Mini-Camp or Workshop - During Summer and Spring Break SPICE offers multi-day workshops in topics such as BEAM Robotics and the Science of Art in cooperation with partner organizations like the Springfield Libraries and Ophelia's Place.  Workshops are free to participants . . . $600

Sponsor a SPICE Camp - Sponsor one of the signature SPICE Camps - Science Discovery, Forensic Investigation, Engineering and Computer Science . . . $5,000

How to Give

If you would like to donate to SPICE you can give directly to SPICE through the UO Foundation or please contact program coordinator Jorjie Arden ( or (541) 346-4528) and she will assist with your gift.

Thanks to Our Past Generous Donors

Symantech Corporation

The Lane County Chapter of the American Association of University Women

The Jane Higdon Memorial Fund


Leo Greiner

Microtech Instruments