SPICE P4A 2014


SPICE is entering the Project for Awesome 2014 and we need your help!

December 12 & 13th, 2014



Hey everyone, we’re live on P4A.  Please click the links below and vote for SPICE! 

Please share an exhort your friends to vote!


OLD, but interesting Stuff Below


Read on and watch the (slighlty out of date) video to learn more!

What is the project for Awesome?

A really crazy amazing fundraising event that takes place entirely online.  Check it out here.

What is SPICE Doing for the P4A?

Tons of stuff!  We've filmed and edited a music video.  We're collecting testimonials getting the word out!  Check back here on Thursday for links to the video's we're submitting.

How Can I help?

There are tons of ways to help!  

  1. Make your own video in support of SPICE for P4A! - You can edit and submit yourself, or add your video to our shared drop box and we will take care of it from there.
  2. Send us a written testimonial or story via email and we'll incorporate it into a video we make.
  3. VOTE! during the Project for Awesome.  It starts at 9am (PST) on Friday, December 12th and ends 48 hours later (so that's 8:59 on the 14th, right?)
  4. Donate! through through the P4A site (via Indiegogo).  Note that donations given in the first 24 hours go to two major global charities.  Donations made on the 2nd day will be divided among smaller charities.  Or you can donate directly to SPICE via the UO Foundation (just ask Brandy). 

Reources & FAQ

1) How do I make an Awesome Video to support SPICE?

There's a great informational video on just that subject here

Speak from the heart, keep it informal and brief.  Get creative!  Brandy's going to make a video using sock puppets and stuffed animals.

2) How do I upload my video?

You can upload your video to youtube any time and then submit to the Project for Awesome any time after 9am on Dec. 12.


Send us your video and we'll upload and submit.

3) What should I talk about in my video or testimonial?

  • Why is science important to you?
  • What has SPICE done for you as an camper/parent/instructor/science lover/student?
  • Share a memorable moment you had with SPICE?
  • Why do you think other folks should care about girls and science?


4) What is the Project for Awesome

This is a crowd funded project where folks get a chance to submit videos about their favorite charities, donate and vote on which charities should get funding.  It's also a livestream event featuring a lot of funny, compelling, passionate Youtubers you can watch online during the 48 hour window.  Learn more herehere and here.

5) Can we see the music video now?

Soon!  Very soon!  We just need to make a few more edits.  Expect it up by Wednesday morning.

Other Questions? Contact Brandy (541) 346-4313 btodd@uoregon.edu


 SPICE Project for Awesome Poster