Science Slug Queen’s Pi-Pie Gala Ball Extravaganza (and baked goods contest)

EUGENE, Or. — (February 18, 2014) — This coming March 15th Eugenians will have the opportunity to participate in not just one, but two SLUG Queen events.  Raining Queen Professor Doctor Mildred Slugwak Dresselhaus will host two fundraising events in support of the SPICE program.  The first event, the Pi-Pie Baked Goods contest will take place from 3pm-5pm.  The second, the Queen’s Pi-Pie Gala Ball Extravaganza will take place from 7pm-11pm.  Both events take place in the Atrium of Willamette Hall on the UO Campus.  All proceeds will benefit the SPICE program.

The Pi-Pie Baked Goods contest will feature science-themed baked goods in three categories (kids, amateur and professional).  Old Slug Queen’s will judge entries based on science content and style.  Prizes (as well as bragging rights) will be awarded to the best entries in each category.  Entries will be auctioned off at the Queen’s Ball later that night. All math and science themed baked goods welcome.

The Queen’s Pi-Pie Gala Ball Extravaganza will kick off later that evening. In addition to the traditional music (courtesy of Accordions Anonymous) and dancing the gala will feature science activities lead by Old Slug Queens.  Activities will include Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream and Dry Ice Root Beer floats, the Slime Factory, Build Your Own Smart Phone microscope, Dry Ice Bubbles, and a Mad Science Photo Booth.  Amazing Science Demonstrations by real scientists will take place throughout the evening. 

The event will benefit the Science Program to Inspire Creativity and Excellence (SPICE), which is the host.  SPICE provides low/no cost science outreach to children in Lane County, with special emphasis on supporting girls and encouraging low-income and first generation college attending students to pursue education and careers in science.  All funds raised will be used to provide free science outreach activities and scholarships for girls to attend the SPICE summer camps.

The SPICE program formed in 2008 as an educational outreach effort of the Oregon Center for Optics — primarily targets girls, who are underrepresented in the sciences, but its programs, including three concurrent summer camps are also open to boys.  More than 100 are students have attended SPICE camps and thousands of Lane County children have participated in SPICE events like the Fall Science Open House and the UO Science and Invention Fair.

The Pi-Pie Gala Ball Extravaganza is the brainchild of SPICE Director, and Raining Eugene SLUG Queen Brandy Todd, AKA Professor Doctor Mildred Slugwak Dresselhaus.  Todd is also doctoral student in the UO College of Education.

Event Information can be found on the SPICE web site:

Pi-Pie Gala Ball Extravaganza -

Pi-Pie Baked Goods Contest -

Tickets to the Gala can be purchased online for $15 -

Special Plutonium Passes are also available for $50. Plutonium pass holders will get a special VIP tour of UO research labs lead by actual scientists. 

Pi Day - every March 14 in honor of Pi (the ratio of the diameter of a circle to it’s circumference – approximately 3.14159 . . .), math and science lovers world wide celebrate with pie and zany science hijinks.  This year the Eugene SLUG Queen will be celebrating Pi in slimy fashion by rounding up (Slugs are slow darling, but they always get there) to March 15th.

Both events will be held in the Atrium of Willamette Hall on the UO Campus.  Parking information is available on the event web site.

Source: Brandy Todd, director, Science Program to Inspire Creativity and Excellence, 541-346-4313,