Open House 2017 Presenter Sign Up

Presenters must provide a hands on activity targeted at a general public audience. This event  draws upwards of 500 members of the public of all ages, with particularly strong representation among children, families, and educators.

Presenters will be provided with 1 six food rectangluar table (you can request additional tables), 2 chairs, table linens, and a banner with your group name. Setup for the vent will begin at 5:30. Please arrive in time to have your activity set up and ready for guests by 6:30. Access to power will be provided if requested. We strongly recommend bringing extension cords/power strips as we can only guarantee access to one outlet within 6 feet of your table if you request power.

Parking on campus is less than optimal. The event takes place in Willamette Hall on the UO Campus. There are temporary loading spaces in front of the building that you can use for dropping of equipment and staff. Please see the Open House web page for details on the location and parking options.

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