Volunteer Training

SPICE Program Volunteers must submit a background check permission form and complete a conditions of volunteer service form. Additionaly, volunteers must complete three training modules.  Volunteer training for SPICE camp consists of three components camp overview, safety, and youth protection. All three trainings can be completed online. Once you have completed the camp overiew and safety components take this brief test to confirm.

SPICE Program Volunteer Background check form (don't forget to sign at the bottom)

Conditions of Volunteer Service Form

Hard copies of these forms can be picked up and dropped off with Brandy in 240C Willamette Hall.

Camp Overview Training

Safety Training

Youth Protection Training

Youth Protection Training is offered through the UO Office of Human resources. Once you sign up to volunteer and complete your background check form you will receive an email with a link to the Youth Protection Training. You can read the Youth Protection Policy here.