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Find resources for carring out science fair projects in your classroom here, here and here!

Request for Science Fair Workshop Visits

Greetings teachers! Thank you for partnering with us to provide the gift of SCIENCE to your students. In order to support children in sucessfully completing a science fair project, the SPICE program provides workshops on science fair project development to local K-8 classrooms. Workshops are lead by volunteer instructors recruited from UO students and staff.

Science fair workshops will be held January - February.

For middle school classrooms, we'd like to do 15-20 minute visits in mid-December to bring your students up to speed so they can start working over the holiday break if they like.

We may not be able to accomodate all classrooms, but never fear! We will be providing online resources for teachers and students as well as in person workshops.

Workshop Descriptions

Each participating classroom will recieve 4 visits from SPICE program volunteer instructors. Workshops last between 45-90 minutes, depending on your schedule. Each workshop includes an interactive introduction to a key element of science project development and a hands on activity that illustrates the workshop topic.

  • Workshop 1 - Scientific Method - Mystery Box Activity
  • Workshop 2 - Research Questions - Paper Airplane Activity
  • Workshop 3 - Data Collection and Analysis - (new activity in development)
  • Workshop 4 - Presenting Research Data - (new activity in development)

I you already have curriculum in place for science fair projects, we can look at customizing visits to your classrooms, or providing project mentors who work with small groups of students.

SPICE provides all supplies associated with the workshops and activities. You are also welcome to view all of our online training videos and workshop slide shows. We will provide links to all of these on request.

Classroom Commitments

Please make sure to keep in contact with your assigned instructors and provide them with any information they need in order to successfully visit your school and classroom. Instructors will lead the workshops, but still rely on your help for classroom management and the expertise you have with your particular students.

SPICE can provide AV technology if resrouces are not available in your classroom. If possible, we prefer to use your onsite resources.


Science fair workshops will be held January - February 2017.

December 4-15th - Middle school classroom visits

December 15-January 8 - Instructor training (mostly online)

Jan 8 - Feb 23 - Workshops (K-8 classrooms)

March 3 - UO Science and Invention Fair

Sign up! (CLOSED for 2018)

Use the form below to request workshops in your classroom. We will do our best to accomodate your schedule. You will be redirected to the main Science Fair web page after submission. This form works erratically in Safari. We recommend using FireFox.