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UO Science and Invention Fair

UO Science and Invention Fair, sponsored and administered by SPICE, is a chance for children of all ages to develop an enthusiasm for science by designing and carrying out his/her very own experiment.  The fair is open to all Lane County children in grades K-12. Fair day events include not just presentation of projects, but also hands on activity tables and free workshops.  This fair is intended to be highly accessible and fun.  To help student prepare for the fair, SPICE offers workshops in project development.  More information about the fair can be found here

2013 Science Fair Award Winners can be found here.


Our signature event, these two week long day camps are the gateway to the SPICE Program.  SPICE is a cohort bases system where girls enter at the end of their 5th grade year and return each year to participate in a new camp with their peer group.  Admissions are accepted at all stages.

Camp Promises: You will do hands-on science experiments!  You will learn new SCIENCE!  You WILL have fun!  

Camp Dates 2014: Week 1 - July 8-18 (not including weekends)

Camp themes:

Science Discovery: Start camp with a science scavenger hunt that will take you all over the UO campus.  Explore daily themse like "Hot and Cold," "Going Ballistic," and "Waves, Waves, Waves."  Then put your skills to the test in the Amazing Science Race.

Whodunnit? The art and science of forensic investigation: How do we know what happened before we were there?  Be it a murder mystery that happened last night, or a dinsaur extinction millions of years ago, learn how scientists explore the past using bones, blood, prints and rocks.  

Engineering and Computer Science: Learn about the tools engineering from simple machines like levers and pulleys to digital age computing.   Learn how to put simple tools together to build complex machines.  Learn how to build and program computers that drive those machines.  Finish it all of with the design build challenge.

Apply for 2014 Camp here.

Science on Demand Outreach

The demand for SPICE events has been so high that we have created a new Science on Demand service where you can request outreach activities.  Check it out here: