Queen's Pi-Pie Gala Extravaganza FIRE SALE!

It's not too late to contribute to the fundraiser for SPICE!

Planning an event?  We have a number of supplies left over from our gala at bargain basement prices!  Also, if you weren't able to make the gala but still want to contribute you can contribute via the PayPal button below.

DONATE to SPICE (you will recieve a tax receipt in 5 business days)


FIRE Sale and Auction!

Unique Eugene Gift Certificates - 10 - $10 certificates which are good for 22 downtown merchants - please email bids to btodd@uoregon.edu

Old Timey Ticket Booth - please email bids to btodd@uoregon.edu

Hand Made Ticket Booth

Cotton Candy Sugar Floss, Green Apple Flavor 2lbs left - $3

Cotton Candy Paper Cones, 80 - $3 

Balloon Tying Jigs - $5 each (2 available)

Party Supplies (lot) - 250 White beverage napkins, ~150 pink and green paper plates, ~150 forks, ~150 knives and ~150 spoons in pink and green, pink table cloth, ~ 30 ice cream cups. $10. ($30 retail value)

Wrist bands (bag of 500 minus about 20) - $10 ($30 retail value)