SPICE/UO Science and Invention Fair 2018

March 3, 2018 -
11:00am to 4:00pm
Willamette Hall - University of Oregon Campus

The 7th Annual UO Science and Invention Fair will take place in Willamette Hall on the UO campus March 3, 2017. In the lead up to this event, the UO SPICE program will offer workshops on project development in area classrooms. If you would like SPICE to visit your classroom, contact program coordinator (spicescience@uoregon.edu).  

Open House 2017 Presenter Sign Up

Presenters must provide a hands on activity targeted at a general public audience. This event  draws upwards of 500 members of the public of all ages, with particularly strong representation among children, families, and educators.

Name of your organization or group.
Lead contact.
Descriptive Activity Title
Do you need access to water during the event?
Do you need access to electricity during the event?
Is there anything we need to know about your activity? Do you have any questions?

SPICE Camp Survey

Greetings SPICE Camper! Thank you for takin our survey. The information you provide helsp us learn more about the SPICE Program and your interests.

The survey usually takes less than 10 minutes to complete. You can skip any questions you do not wish to answer.

Please write your first and last name here.
Not very goodNot GoodNeither Good nor BadGoodVery Good
How good at science are you?
If you were to rank all the students in your science class from the worst to the best in science, where would you put yourself?
Compared to most of your other school subjects, how good are you at science?
Please select the option that best describes you.
Not very importantNot importantNeutralImportantVery Important
How important is it that you learn science?
How interesting is science to you?
How important do you think science will be to you in the future?
Please pick the option that best describes you.
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
Learning science changes my ideas about how the world works
Reasoning skills used to understand science help me in my everyday life
I think about the science I experience in everyday life
I am not satisfied until I understand why something works the way it does
I study science to learn knowledge that will be useful in my life outside of school
I enjoy solving science problems
Please select the option that best describes you.
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
I think of myself as a scientist
I have had enough experience to know that I can be good at science
I am confident in my science skills
I receive feedback from people important to me that says I can be good at science.
Please select the option that best describes you.
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
Science is Fun
I do not like science and it bothers me to have to study it.
During science class, I usually am interested
I would like to learn more about science.
If I knew I would never go to science class again, I would feel sad.
Science is interesting to me and I enjoy it.
Science makes me feel uncomfortable, restless, irritable, and impatient.
Science is fascinating and fun
The feeling that I have towards science is a good feeling.
When I hear the word science, I have a feeling of dislike.
Science is a topic which I enjoy studying
I feel at ease with science and I like it very much.
I feel a definite positive reaction to science
Science is boring.
Please select the option that best describes you.

SPICE Camp Scholarship Request


You can use this form to provide the SPICE program with the information we need to determine the amount of scholarship for which you are eligible. We reserve the right to request confirmatory documents. Final amounts will depend on funds raised and number of campers requesting scholarships.

Camper Name
Number of Persons Supported by Family Income
Adjusted Gross Income for 2016 from federal tax return. If you did not file taxes, please report your net weekly family income (total of all incomes supporting the camper).
Type of Income Reported Above

Science Fair Workshop - Classroom Request

Requests for 2018 are now OPEN.

Find resources for carring out science fair projects in your classroom here, here and here!

Teacher First Name
Teacher last name
Email address
Grade Level
Number of students in class
Preferred days of the week/times (and any notes about schedules)
Would you prefer to skip the workshops and request project mentors instead? Let us know the details.
AV Equipment available in classroom
Will you be requiring students to complete a project?
School Fair! Do you plan to hold a science fair at your school? If yes, how can we help?
Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Requests?

Science Fair Workshop Volunteers

Volunteers Needed for UO Science Fair Workshops 2018

In order to support children in sucessfully completing a science fair project, the SPICE program provides workshops on science fair project development to local K-8 classrooms. Workshops are lead by volunteer instructors recruited from UO students and staff. Sign up form below.

If you enjoy any of the following you should sign up to be a volunteer instructor!

First name
Last name
Phone Number
Do you have access to a vehicle for transport to a local school?
How many classrooms would you like to volunteer in?
Tell us a little about yourself. What is your major/discipline? What is your experience working with kids?
Please let us know your class schedule or any other recurring commitments so we don't try to schedule you during those times.
Please let us know any dates during winter term which you will not be available.

SPICE Combustion Camp 2016

Register for SPICE 2016 Combustion Camp & Junion Minion Training

Registration is open to SPICE graduates only. Camp/Training will run Jun 20th-23rd, 2016. A second training session for minions will be held June 27th & 28th.

The supply fee for Combustion Camp is $70. Junior minion training is free. You may sign up for one or both.

Volunteering will take place during the SPICE summer camps. Session one will be held July 11-22. Session two will be held August 8-19th. Volunteers will need to sign up for a minimum of 5 hours during camp.


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